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To download a photo within a slideshow simply double click on the picture you want and look for the download button at the top of the page. Feel free to take copies but please credit them to www.fufc.net if they are used in publications or websites.

National Cup 2017

Fireballs and Shooting Stars win the U16 and U13 National Cup competitions. The full set of photos can be found on the UKFF website

National Cup 2016

Photos & videos from the National Youth Floorball Cup 2016 can be found on the UKFF Facebook page

Videos: SS goal FF penalties and complete video

3 Counties Youth League, Apr 2016

1st: Farnham Shooting Stars, 2nd: IPSE

Farnham Primary Schools Floorball Cup 2016

February 2016

1st: Rowledge A team, 2nd: Walsh A team, 3rd: Holly Lodge


3 Counties Youth League, Dec & Nov2015

Charterhouse & Moreton venues


3 Counties Youth League, Oct 2015


Farnham Primary Schools League Finals

1st South Farnham, 2nd Holly Lodge, 3rd Walsh (1)


 National Youth Floorball Cup 2015

Please send us more photos of any teams, not just Farnham so we can share them. info@fufc.net

Double click the photos to download


Farnham Primary Schools League season 2015

Run by Premier Sport Ltd for Farnham schools



Club Visit to Carlskrona Floorball club in Sweden May 2015

More photos can be found on the Carlskrona club photo page and website


3 Counties Youth League, May 2015 including awards


3 Counties Youth League, April 2015


3 Counties Youth League, May 2013


3 Counties Youth League, 3rd March


Photos from the Floorball World Cup 2012

Read the match report HERE!



Read about the above match HERE



2nd and 3rd July 2011:

Read about the weekend HERE.

26th June 2011:

Read the match report from this match HERE.


12th June 2011:

See the results HERE

May 2011:

See the results HERE

23rd Janurary 2011:

National Cup July 2010:


Junior Cup May 2010:


March 2010, 7-3 against Arrows and 3-1 against Dragons:



Annual ice hockey trip to see the Guildford Flames, the Flames lost 4-3 to a sudden death goal in extra time: 



National Junior Cup July '09:


Junior League Oct '09:


Gloucester Nov '09


Gloucester May '09

For more great Floorball photos visit: http://www.fufc.net/www.southernvipers.com